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Quenn Margrethe the II

60 year birthday celebration, 16. april 2000

Photo Gallery

Pictures from queen Margrethe and prince Henriks trip through the city in an open, horsedrawn carriage. The route was the traditional one - from Amailienborg square to Marmorkirken, to Kgs. Nytorve and along Strøget (The Pedestrian Street) to Town Hall Square. Most pictures are from the first leg of the trip. The photographer tried to reach the Town Hall Square in time for the arrival there - but not in time for the making the camera ready.

The parade consisted of an mounted escorte in front and behind the carriage, provided by the Royal Mounted Guard (which is a real military unit, not part of the official royal guards, shown lined up below.) The leading detail was the Royal Mouted Guards music band.

In the hours leading up to the ride startet af 1500, several bands entertained along the route. This is the Salvation Army on the steps of Marmorkirken (The Marble Church).

The royal guard are lined up in their red galla-uniforms. They stand in front of the newly refurbished castle, used to house royal guests and heads of state, when they are visiting the royal family.

One of the guards - possibly the main guard. He stands to the left of the lineup on the previous picture.

About 20 minutes before 1500, the royal carriage was drawn accross the square. It disappeared towards the harbour and Amaliehaven, but...

Reappeared precisely at 1500 out from the gates of the royal residence.

There it stopped a few minutes, with only the horses visible.

The royal carriage has just left the gates.

On the square, in front of the royal residence. Note the security guard on foot. He manages to get in the picture all the time.

The royal carriage rode north, around the monument, and turned west, towards Marmorkirken.

Same street, a little further along.

The parade has reached Marmorkirken, and turns right, passes the church on the northern side. The picture shows the rear mounted guard.

Half an hour later on Town Hall Square. The parade has just passed the busstops situated behind the busterminal opposite Town Hall. An honour guard of official flags from different organisations still holds the line. In the background Politikens Hus, the offices of the newspapers Politiken and Ekstra Bladet. The latter - a tabloid - displays headlines. The lower one says, that the footballplayer Michael Laudrup has just been awarded the Order of the Knights by the Queen.
After the reception in the Town Hall, Queen Margrethe and prince Henrik came out on the balcony, overlooking Town Hall Square. The crowd cheered and sang the royal anthem.
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Nikon F2, 200 mm autofocus zoom. Paper copy 15x10 cm, scanned at 300 dpi/24 bits colour, cropped and postprocessed by Gnu's Gimp.

Photo: Leif Andersen
© 2000: Danske Nyheder


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